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        1. centrifuge
          SB、PB / SD、PD Series
           SS.SB, PB and SD, PD series centrifuge is a three foot upper part of the discharge filtering centrifuge for separation of material through the feed tube into the high-speed rotation of the centrifuge, centrifuge in the stress field under the action of the material through the filter (filter) filter, liquid phase through the liquid discharge pipe, is retained in the solid phase the drum, stop charging load to the drum filter cake to the machine when specified, washing the filter cake, and the washing liquid is filtered out, the separation after shutdown, SS, SB, PSB series centrifuge cake by artificial discharge, SD, PSD series of spreader centrifuges will be special the bag with the cake together hanging to the designated place for discharging, open the discharge port, and then the bag reset, enter the standby state.

          standard structure form:

          the traditional structure form, using the casing and the chassis structure, shell cover and the shell with flange seal fit, and the large clamshell fast locking, balance booster cylinder lid, shell cover is provided with a feed pipe, a cleaning pipe, mirrors, observing lamp, friction type manual brake mechanism and supporting friction type starting clutch.

          main material

          the triangular ring, the column, chassis, axle seat, the bottom of the bowl basket are used HT materials, drum wall, liquid blocking plate and a blue bottom lining bag is made of stainless steel, shell, shell cover and the chassis, shaft seat of the lining is made of stainless steel balance cylinder A235-A

          working principle

          SB/PB series centrifuge is designed on the basis of full closed upper vertical GMP specifications and the requirements of environmental protection discharge filtering centrifuge, the motor is controlled by frequency conversion (or a clutch) starting smoothly, through the transmission system drives the drum of the drum rotating around its own axis, forming a centrifugal force field, feeding speed, cleaning off the liquid speed all around, can together speed (0- rated speed) of arbitrary choice, in the centrifugal force field, uniform material removal liquid separation in the drum wall, the liquid phase through solid phase material and filter (bag) is the drum wall gap, hole to the shell cavity, discharged from the liquid outlet of the chassis, solid material trapped in the drum, liquid feed tube by adding water, washing, feeding by washing, washing can be controlled by a special valve material, dehydration, after washing down by Help the special balancing device, open the cover and remove the material.

          properties and uses

          SB, Pb series centrifuge on material adaptability strong, separable discharge diameter of micron fine particles, on material removal liquid, suspension of difficult separation of various separation, discharge, grain is not easy to damage, such as gypsum, sulfur, copper sulfate, potassium chloride, borax, dyes, resins, pesticide medicament and chemical industry, salt, monosodium glutamate, food additive, starch, sugar, spices and other food industry, antibiotics, vitamin and so on the pharmaceutical industry, copper, zinc, aluminum and other mineral products, and environmental protection (sewage sludge processing industry.

          main features:

          1. structure is novel, convenient operation and maintenance

          2. fully closed structure design to improve the working environment, in compliance with the requirements of GMP and environmen

          tal protection, the inner chamber of the centrifuge helium protection, fully meet the requirements of the airtight explosion-proof.

          3. the machine cover, easy unloading and the drum shell with the interlayer space of rinse thoroughly.

          4. machine cover is equipped with a mechanical balance of both energy saving and no need for energy.

          5. matching frequency control system, start a smooth, program settings (feeding, filtering, washing and so on the whole process of fully automated) energy consumption (feedback) brake, no friction dust pollution, no friction heating more secure.

          6. polishing process, no dead ends, all smooth over, with online cleaning (material cleaning, machine cleaning) to achieve the best washing effect.

          7. grain is not easy to damage.

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