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        1. centrifuge
          Solid Knife Discharge centrifuge
          Suspended scraper discharging automatic centrifuge is an on rotary machine scraper unloading material automatic centrifuge, it is the use of centrifugal force field of solid-liquid separation, the blade radial and axial movement through the material from the drum wall scraping completed discharging process. This machine is equipped with washing and gas washing device, so the washing materials fully, improve the quality of the products.
          This machine can be used for the separation of glucose (sugar), methanol extract, is one of the key equipments in the sugar industry.
          This machine can also be used to separate the solid grain size, large viscosity, good fluidity, texture more closely, it is difficult to use gravity discharge material, the general suspension of the solid-liquid ratio (weight ratio) 45-60% is more appropriate.
          GK1200 horizontal scraper discharge centrifuge
          GK type centrifuge is a kind of continuous operation and scraper discharge, intermittent operation filtering centrifuge for separating containing solid particles larger than 0.01mm, the weight concentration of the solid particles greater than 25%, and liquid phase viscosity less than 102pa.s suspensions. Using the centrifuge series hydraulic and electrical control can achieve a higher degree of automation, feed and liquid separation, washing, unloading and other can realize the manual operation, but also can adjust the operation time of each process, or the PC to realize automatic control. Horizontal scraper centrifuge is widely used in chemical industry, light industry, food, pharmacy, metallurgy and so on industry of sulfur and sulfate, nickel sulfate, ferrous sulfate, starch, boric acid, polyvinyl chloride, urea, sodium bicarbonate, caustic soda, potassium chloride, potassium sulfate over a hundred kinds of material separation.
          GK800 horizontal scraper discharge centrifuge
          Motor driven drum up to full speed after, feed valve automatically opens, material by feeding tube into the drum, with rake teeth, suspension solid sprinkled evenly distributed in the basket. Under the action of centrifugal force, the liquid phase is discharged through the filter cloth and the holes from the drum, the liquid discharge pipe machine. Along with the increase of cake layer thickness, teeth as relative rotation, when the tooth rotated to a certain angle, reach the limit switch and cut off time relay, promote the discharge valve closed, stopping feeding, and washing valve is automatically opened, washing liquid wash wash spray pipe in the cake, when the filter cake fully after washing, the washing valve is closed, centrifuge to dehydration, drying. Then the scraper rotates the scraping material, and the material is discharged out of the hopper by the gravity discharging machine.
          GKF/GKH/GKC full automatic horizontal scraper centrifuge
          GKF/GKH/GKC series automatic horizontal scraper centrifuge is a solid-liquid separation equipment for continuous operation of intermittent discharge.
          The machine is divided into ordinary filtration type of GKF/GKC and siphon filtering type GKH. It uses PLC program control, through the frequency control of motor speed, braking system to achieve machine stepless speed regulation and braking brake, through the material level detection, speed detection, bearing temperature, vibration monitoring can realize the separation process of the automatic cycle operation. (including feeding, separation of dehydration, washing, unloading and washing network, etc.) can also be controlled manually and operation.
          GKF/GKC series fully automatic horizontal scraper centrifuge except for use in general, fine particles of the solid-liquid separation and can be used for the solid-liquid separation of toxic, flammable and explosive medium, mainly used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry, national defense industry of raw materials, intermediates and finished products of the solid-liquid separation. GKH series automatic siphon scraper centrifuge except for the purposes mentioned above, especially for small in size, filtration rate is slow, low load production needs of washing and the ratio of liquid to solid content of occasions.
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