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        1. centrifuge
          LB/PB Series Plate sealed type centrifuge
          The standard structure of
          Platform type structure, the shell and the platform welding as a whole, shell cover and the shell with flange with quick opening structure, shell cover opened the mechanical balancer booster shell cover is provided with a feed pipe, a cleaning tube, mirror, observation lamp, air holes.
          Standard configuration

          vertical ordinary (explosion-proof) motor, with the clutch and hand brake, ordinary triangle, motor with wheel safety shield, damping type shock absorber.
          The main material
          Plate Q235 material stainless steel, drum in addition to the end of the HT stainless steel lining, the in are all made of stainless steel, shell, shell cover (including accessories) are all made of stainless steel, shaft bottom by casting (cast iron) outsourcing of stainless steel.
          Select configuration
          1, inverter control and energy consumption brake (feedback brake)

          2, vibration protection

          3, nitrogen protection, oxygen content determination (nitrogen containing ventilation device)

          4, open cover parking and shell cover anti slide lock

          5, liquid seal device or cyclone separator

          6, online cleaning device

          7, explosion-proof motor, anti static transmission belt

          8, other configuration requirements

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