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        1. centrifuge
          Horizontal screw type centrifuge
          The working principle
          Suspension from the feed tube into the conversion, the solid particles under the action of centrifugal force field by centrifugal force accelerated subsidence to the inner wall of the drum, settling of the particles under the impetus of the spiral conveyor leaf, from (straight) subsidence area by (cone) drying zone to solid export discharge: the clear liquid phase from overflow overflow, so as to realize the solid and liquid phase automatic and continuous separation can be used in dewatering, concentration and clarification on different occasions.
          The main features
          The 1 main parts, drum and spiral

          alloy, corrosion resistance of stainless steel available

          2, the screw conveyor can be sprayed wear-resistant alloy or welded hard alloy sheet

          3, drum speed stepless speed regulation

          4, screw differential speed adjustable, there is a class or stepless speed regulation

          5, simple and reliable lubrication mode

          6, safety protection: speed detection, over vibration protection, motor overload protection, spiral zero differential protection

          7, for high viscosity material, can use the hydraulic differential, the work is stable and reliable

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